Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bucky Lab - Elevator Pitch

After just 2 and a half weeks of intensive brain work we had our elevator pitch today. And we were all impressed by the quality of the pitches and concepts we have seen. Its quite a happening seeing 34 different concepts for smart and clever sunshades and cardboard shelters presented in one slide and one minute. After a set of 3 we discussed the concepts and were able to get a first feeling about the concepts.

A the end of the session we asked the students to decide by themself which projects should be further developed within the semester and nor Dr. Bucky Lab or Jerzy Latka our Cardboard expert had to use their veto card ( rarely used when the students rely on gold plated, diamond studded concepts that will blow the semesters budget …).

A nice set of projects were chosen and we are about to see how snowflake shades, growing hairs or the use of dental care products may change the way we are able to shade the facades of tomorrow. For the cardboard group we already noticed a passion for detail and we are looking into a customisable, easy to transport, lightweight solution which may be a hybrid construction in combination with a little bit of wood or something else to increase stiffness.

We will also place the elevator pitches in a row, so stay tuned !