Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Folding Flowers 2.0

Over one year ago Carlyn Simoen and Wouter Vlietstra completed the Bucky Lab course with their project the Folding Flowers. The project showed potential and after the final presentation multiple parties from the industry declared their interest. Dickson proved to be the best match and a partnership was made to take the design to the next level. The innovation-driven company was interested in implementing their (outdoor)shading fabric into the Folding Flowers design. After some testing the design was improved and adapted to Dickson’s more rigid fabrics. A new prototype was made and presented to the public at the R+T fair in Stuttgart. The responses from the industry were very positive and Dickson was satisfied with the innovation made by the “new generation”. The design is still quite far away from an industrial application, but who knows what the future will bring us!