Monday, May 18, 2015

Building Weeks Day 1 - Intro

After long days in the studio we moved into the tent and started our building weeks. As usual on day 1 we had to set up camp. Our mobile workshop was taken out of the bucky cave our small storage  room in the basement of the faculty and placed in the tent.

After a short period of chaos ( the tent is now on a different location and has the entrance on one of the long sides - so a bit of reorganisation was nessesary ) we were able to start our intro.

Frans from Festool Netherlands and Jaap from were so kind to do the intro about our tools and Dr. Bucky Lab Marcel Bilow showed whats in the box.

After sessions of 90 minutes we swapped groups, so everyone was able to get a proper safety instructions. While the lovely smell of coffee spread around we saw the students getting more and more enthusiastic about the two weeks ahead. Lets cross fingers that the weather will become a bit better and we are able to work also outside.

Thats it for day one - over and out ! Thanks to Jaap en Frans !