Monday, June 29, 2015

Bucky Lab Finals

With the end of the semester approaching its time for the finals. This time it was a special event. We had the students from The Hague University as guests who did a small bucky lab semester reinterpreting former elevator pitches. After a short intro from their docent Eric Schrijver two of the 6 projects were presented.

We are very proud of the achievements of the students, who did this in just 8 weeks. Our cardboard group followed by a short intro of Jerzy Latka our cardboard expert. Splitted into 3 groups the cardboard groups explained their development of the cardboard shelter.

At the end of the event 7 sunshades were presented and the variety was impressive.

Actually we asked for a simple concept following the KISS principle, but honestly what we got was the most scientific semester we had till now. Our students got in contact with fluid dynamics, optics, chemics and even had consultancy from the high voltage lab of the TU Delft.

All of the concept showed the passion and dedication of the students and this was quite a busy semester  due to the lot of holidays thrown into the schedule.

Now its time for a well earned holidays and the beer at the end of the evening was well earned after the official opening of the bucky lab exhibition in our Oost Serre the orange hall.

The expo will be visible till friday this week, so don't miss it.