Tuesday, June 2, 2015

InDeSem Day 5

Already day 5 of Indesem. Today a lot of members of our team of docents joined and supported the student who made already great steps. Most noticeable next to the fact that everyone is already using the technologies we have at our hands one group also made use of 3D scanning. For a special application they needed a 3D scan of a piece of brickwork and after the suggestion that autodesk has an app for that a scan was made a couple of hours later …amazing how fast the students adapt to these
technologies …

Aaron Bislip takes care of our 3d printer farm and we are all amazed by the Atum DLP resin printer …nice details that these machine is able to print.

the evening was themed by the use of robots and we had a great set of lectures from researchers from Stuttgart, Gramazio Kohler and Foster and Partners which talked about 3D printing on the moon …cool stuff !