Wednesday, June 3, 2015

InDeSem Day 6 - Firealarm

Firealarm ….? 
seriously we had a firearm that stopped the lectures this evening, but fortunately it was a false alarm. 
Today Maarten Meijs and bas Gremmen stopped by to support our students, we set up our mini bucky lab and the students got busy all day long. 

The lectures today including Greg Lynn and Tobias Walliser were a treat and especially Greg Lynn gave an inspiring lecture about so much next to architecture including materiality and production technologies that everyone was directly motivated to get his hands dirty. Our Dean Peter Russel decided to skip his slides in order to save some time due to our fire alarm but did an inspirational short speech instead about his thoughts of the topic. 

The discussion round at the end of the evening was to the point and a good summary.