Monday, June 1, 2015

InDeSem Start

When we were asked from former bucky lab students to participate with the International Design Seminar we actually did not know what we are talking about …InDeSem is a biannually organized seminar that pushes architectural design since decades within our faculty. Its set up is unique and open for international as also internal students who will be guided from the very best of the field for a week long tackling a design. Next to the workshop there is also a set of international lectures with hand picked speakers.

When we heard the line up with Ben van Berkel, Wiel Arets, Greg Lynn,  Theo Janssen and may others and the topic about Digital Production Technologies - Re:Craft we had no chance to deny …realising that this will start already on the clean up day of the bucky lab…but no matter what we are in …

The students are devided into 3 different groups containing hyper body, formstudy and interiors and the bucky lab supported by the Architectural Technology group. Each group will redesign the Fenix Building in Rotterdam and will do it in the way the different studios are known for.

While hyper body will turn the robots we are doing it Bucky Lab style. Materialize good ideas with the tools we have, and most important having fun with the experiment. Dr. Bucky Lab sneaked out of the tent on friday and gave a kick ass ( o-tone ) presentation about the coming week to get the students inspired.

On Saturday the group visited the site and the city of Rotterdam under a bright blue sky and got their first help from Bas Gremmen and Marcel.  On Sunday they visited Dus Architects in Amsterdam and had a first concept workshop.
Today guided by inspiring lectures from Pauline van Dongen about Wearables and Ben van Berkel from UN Studio the teams started to work on their concepts.

In principle this week is a chrash course in digital production technologies, craft and design. Its a Bucky Lab on steroids with a small set of power tools and the whole BK Expo room filled with 3D printers …even when the assignment seems a bit too big for such a short time, we will have fun !