Monday, September 28, 2015

Bucky Lab on OpenDagHout in Zutphen

Last weekend we set up our mobile workshop in Zutphen for the OpenDagHout, its a bit like the little sister event of Woodworking in America for the Netherlands (also happening at the same time). Jaap Bosma head of the forum invited everyone in the country who is passioned about wood, working with wood and craftsmanship in general.

It also happened that we got a call and were asked to join the event floor with our mobile workshop.
While building working facade prototypes within in a couple of hours is nearly impossible we discussed what we could build there. At the end we set up a step by step production line to build small wooden boxes with an individual name inlay and took a few models with us. This way we were able to show Aarons 3D-Printer and some laser cutted badges to have an eye-catcher to start the dialogue.

Our friends from festool joined our team and together we had a great day talking about our course, what we normally do, why we think its important to learn with your hands. Our booth was well visited and a couple of guests also made their own boxes under the guidance of our students and Hans Bos from festool.

Pieter Stoutjesdijk completed our stand on the event, he brought some of his finest CNC milled furnitures including a massive bamboo table from his company fabrikoos. In our corner tradition and new technology met in a perfect way, while the routers were humming to produce elements of the boxes, the 3D printer was busy creating name plates and Pieter introduced the new digital revolution.

All in all it was a long day but worth it, we have seen a lot, had some great discussions and met open hearted people who all share the same love and passion for wood, no matter how you shape and form it.

Special Thanks to Jaap for the invitation and our students, Jan Robert, Keren, Aaron, Ridely and Coen who made this day a special event.