Wednesday, October 21, 2015


As part of our acoustics topic we were able to visit the dead room of our university. Foteini Setaki was able to get the key to this amazing testing facility which is officially known as a Anechoic room or chamber. The room is designed to have no echo at all, which is quite an experience beeing in there.

Some say they have the feeling of a pressure on their ears, some feel dissy or different at all.
You are able to talk in this room, but your voice is very dampened and if you stop the sound immediately stops. Even yelling out loud is hard in there and the sound seems to stop even before you stopped yelling.

We experienced the room in small groups, tested it in the dark ( yes thats the black picture ) kept our mouth shut and screamed into the walls. This room is really different from everything you have ever experienced.

The most scary is when there is total silence you are able to hear the liquids in your body, hear joints between your bones and the grass growing in your ears ( which seems to be hairs according to Ulf …)
and your camera also sounds totally different.

If you ever have the chance to visit a dead room, do it !