Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 2 - here we go

Day 2, the workshop was set up very quickly, and everyone started to work on their prototypes. And there are no building weeks without a truck full of plywood sheets from International Plywood our partner for the finest plywood. The red beauty that arrived today doesn't came with a forklift but with the help of 120 hands the truck was unloaded in a moment.

Short after the arrival of our building materials a team was formed to cut the parts for the frames. Each group will present their concept in a wooden frame to display them next to each other easily.

While some already jumped into die hard woodworking others shaped papermachee spheres or had to drill 2000 coffee stir sticks. We were able to get 6 new tables and Coen was so quick, that we had difficulties to catch him with the camera…

By the way did we mentioned that we also have 2 students from the Explore lab busy on the work floor, they will build a scale model of a bamboo pavilion they developed for Okana in Africa. We will show the work of Laura and Ellen also here on the blog.

Have a look, here the highlights of today.