Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 5 - a bamboo pavilion

so, the first weeks is done ! Step by step you can see how the projects develop and while Aaron was reporting from our laser cutting service station at fabfac the machines nearly don't stop in our workshop.

The Bamboo pavilion was already showing its full size ( scale 1:2 ), the most exciting part will come on monday the roof structure. While our vacuum forming group was getting used to their new machine Yanis group made huge steps forward …honestly I still believe its can't fly …
Nihat mastered the art of papermachee and is now already a pro in this delicate antique additive manufacturing process. Ulf Hackauf also stopped by for a short visit and was amazed by the progress of the students, and he is totally right !

We are closing the workshop for this week, still a couple of days to go, but for now a happy weekend !