Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bucky Finals and a short update

Marcel whats going on ...a question our Dr. Bucky Lab got a lot the last days ...No I am not fallen asleep after the new years party, I am busy very busy actually ...

A lot of things are going on and while we stored the mobile workshop into the cave after our building weeks short before christmas this january seems to be the most busiest. While the students put their hands on the last finishing touches Marcel took the opportunity to meets friends and colleagues abroad.

First stop was the university of Lund Sweden, with a bit of snow and a chilled weekend to see the architectural highlights of the city Malmoe, guys you really have to clean that Turning Torso ...
After a shoptour around the faculty of architecture and industrial design we were able to settle a prototyping workshop this year, the dean as also the staff was enthusiastic to get their hands dirty and will host a Bucky Lab workshop in the spring about adaptive facades. Our Dr. Bucky Lab will join a course that already starts this week and will teach the students how to build their concept as a 1: 1 prototype. We will report about this soon.

Next stop Lille /France a short day getting an insight of the work they do on the faculty of Architecture over there. While production technologies are not that often used, the students always build models and this craft is taught intensively. A lecture about our latest developments in the evening was the highlight of the day and the most difficult to do to according our enthusiastic teacher.
" We don't talk that much english, may we ask you to slow down? " Sure and according to Marcel this was at the end the most relaxed lecture he ever gave...So be aware slowing down is quite a powerful presentation tool to get to the point and don't loose your audience. Maybe we are able to join for a summer school over there ? Lets cross fingers. They have a great hall that screams to be used.

We are also in the middle of the exams period therefore there are mid term exams and final presentations all over our faculty, you can really see that on every corner of the building right now.

Tomorrow we will have our photoshooting of this semesters acoustic panels assignment, and to be honest we were able to had a short preview already while exercising the on- and off loading of our lightvan ...damn when your acoustics expert who wanted to test all of our models in the acoustic lab calls for sick after you put all the models in the truck ...what the heck, good practice and a nice way to get engaged with our students - great team !

And if this isn't enough we are also presenting some concepts of this semester during the facade fair in Rotterdam, yes the "Gevel", the place we won every price you can now welcoming us with a space in the health and energy booth to exhibit our concepts. Don't miss it. 5 nice models will be shown there, representing a wide range of this years output.

The best ? No, good ones of course - there are no losers we can aready tell  but decide yourself on Monday the 1st of February when we will present all of our concepts during the final presentations in our orange hall of the faculty of architecture ( start 10.00 ) which will end in the opening of our exhibition.

Don't miss it, join us also in Rotterdam next week, where we will also present worlds first fully digitally designed and produced house the PO Lab, but thats worth an article by itself....

Tomorrow if the hells does not freeze we are able to show some pictures of the photoshooting

a Bucky Lab project in full size ...multimedia facade in Malmo

jealous about the University of Lunds waterjet ...

the workshop hall in Lille ...amazing place 

our boys assembling the PO Lab