Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gevel 2016

We already reported shortly but now it all happend in couple of days...every second year there is the national facade fair in Rotterdam and in the years between the whole facade circus meets at the building fair in Utrecht.

With Hall 1 dedicated to facades and Hall 2 with Materia the material exhibition its the place to be to show our newest concepts and walk around to meet the experts within our field of interest.

This year was bigger than before for us. The Bucky Lab projects had their own booth and we were able to show 5 concepts of our acoustical panels. Using repurposed blocks from the kunsthal we set up a nice and beautiful exhibition. Looks like a bit like being in an museum and the visitors already apreciated our clean stand design, focussing on the concepts.

Next to this we also erected our 3TU research project the PD Lab. Its a building concept based on the ideas of Pieter Stoutjesdijk who used friction fit building blocks that are entirely digitally designed and produced on a huge CNC mill. The erection of the building took a couple of hours and was a very
good test to finally improve a few issues to place it later on te campus of our faculty. Two of our building technology students Nick van der Knaap and Jeroen van Veen joined within their graduation projects and focussed on the wood to wood connections and the facade cladding made out of Reynobond composite sheets.

Today the hall opened its doors and our two locations were visited well, so as our lectures on several locations through the day.

If you missed it, the fair is still running till Friday, don't miss it !