Monday, June 27, 2016

Bucky Lab Finals 2016 and opening Exhibition

Today we celebrated the Finals of this semesters projects. All students gathered and placed their prototype in our majestic orange hall.

Its the moment of the year where everything comes together. Did I missed something you may asked if you havent been there ? Yes you did !

We had a short lecture about the course of Eric Schrijver from the Haagse Hooge School who did a mini bucky lab course and two of his students presented their prototypes which are also exhibited for the next two weeks. After these our 13 groups presented their concept and gave an insight about their development of the last semester.

Its always a blast and within this semester the range was very broad and the solutions for sun shadings for schools as diverse as they can get. We have seen shades out of recycled plastic, shades
that twisted and tired around, shades that were inspired from nature like leafs or the gills of a shark.

We have seen shades that grow eatable herbs, yummy as they also served a snack in the break and shades that invites to play with...a function our youngest guests immediately put to the test.

At the end another culinary special was served in the form of chocolate shades ...that would be something all kids would love !

The drinks at the end where mixed with nice anecdodes about the ending semester, and it seems that everyone had a great time !

We would like to thank all of you for your great contribution and wish you a well deserved summer holiday !

Your Casper and Marcello