Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 8 - Myrthe made a cake and Bayu a circle

When your students welcome you with a demanding : Marcel grab your camera we have something special - you know there is something special happening ...

Myrthe spend the night in the kitchen and made a Bucky Lab cake, perfectly wrapped in yellow marzipan with a black logo ...inside a yummy lemon cake with some strawberry ...a perfect occasion to start the day with a coffee and cake.

At the end of the day Marcel build a circle with Bayu who is busy with his graduation project and in between these to actions that framed the day everyone was busy to put their hands on the details of their prototypes ...

have a look, tomorrow we will have our last full day and of course as the tradition demands for the summer our famous BBQ with Bratwurst.

For now: Myrthe thank you very much for the cake !