Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 9 - BL BBQ

Here we go, Day 9 and this is nearly the end ...but we will end with a highlight our Bucky Lab BBQ. After laying the hands on their prototypes we cleaned up and made space for the party. With fresh imported german Bratwurst we started the barbie and prepared a festive meal.

The BBQ is also the perfect moment to thank our partners and supporters but also to welcome guests. So Frans from festool , Peter from Raaco and Bart from Walko joined the club and Bas from Breur also came with a crate of beer. Thanks a lot ! 

We also welcomed a delegation from the University of Architecture in Lille France, we already met them before and gave a lecture in Lille. They were impressed about our faculty and the buckylab and it seems that their beer was a perfect combo with our german sausages. Lets see maybe we are able to cooperate in the future ? 

The day was perfect, even the dutch weather was ok - only a mild rain ...and due to handmade salads from our students our traditional BBQ was also a bit healthier...

Our famous filmmaker Hans was able to capture Dr. Bucky Labs trick to turn a whole row of sausages at ones and a couple of students already tested their bouncy net sunshade, the worlds first football proof sunshade! Have a look and see what you have missed.  
Did you know that you can also get a Grill like Marcel, have a look here its worth its money. His best friend made these ...
Thanks Joost to take the pictures ! 

one day we will get one with a Bucky Lab logo ...