Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mini Bucky Lab @ Haagse Hooge School

While we are short before the finals in Delfts Beta factory another group is busy with their prototypes.

The Haagse Hooge School in Den Hague is already busy with a second edition of their bucky lab version, the students picked one of our elevator pitches and developed them further into a working prototype. Within their education they are into the materialisation of a concept and not into the design itself. For them under the guidance of Eric Schrijver its quite an experience to read the sometimes vague concepts and make something out of it.

Today our Dr. Bucky Lab made a visit and talked with the students, great ideas...

In the beta factory the fab lab of the school the students are busy to get their hands dirty. During our finals we will also show a couple of their concepts and place them in our exhibition.

Cant wait to see their results finished, but have a look by yourself