Tuesday, June 21, 2016

School of Shades - Photoshooting

We are short before the finish line and as usual we take some pictures of the prototypes. For all of us this is the moment when we are able to see all the models next to each other and in its full glory.

The students worked hard to get their prototypes ready for the big moment and we have to say it was all worth it.

Imagine we asked these 35 students to develop a sunshade that is suitable for a school with all its special requirements, quite amazing to see this very unique set of concepts, all total different and serving a special purpose.

While Marcel was busy with the mobile photo studio in our orange hall, Casper played the foto jockey and downloaded and served the thousands of pictures we have taken today and had to play a guest role, do you spot him ? Where is Casper ...?

But have a look, and see the prototypes for its first time !

Next Monday the 27th we will present these concepts in the orange hall starting at 14.00