Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer School Day 1

Ok to be honest its Day 1 for me, the students area already busy during wednesday and had already spent hours on their designs...
but back to my Day 1, after a pleasant flight a nice welcome waited for me at the airport, a quick trip around the city and dropping the luggage at the hotel was everything needed to meet the students in the Bibliotech of the Technical University of Wroclaw. Quite unusual for me that our coffee machine is already running, normally I am the one who set coffee for the first time.

After a quick first chat about the students projects, very interesting will cover the designs later we went off to have a walk around the city, which is by the way the european capital of culture. The city presented itself from its but side, and a after a lovely dinner and a drink in the park we went to bed.

Here a few pictures of the first day