Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer School - Day 8 - In queue for the last unicorn

Sunday and a sunny day also ...great for our last day of the weekend. After a late wakeup ...some needed it badly after the last night ...we met at the Centennial Hall or Hala Stulecia which was build 1911 - 1913 from the german architect Max Berg and was back then the biggest concrete cupola in the world.

Honestly the hall is gigantic and inside its hard to get how big it actually is. Dorota explained a few facts and made also sure that we were able to visit the lightshow inside te darkened hall.

After the visit we split and explored the different parts of the city by ourself.

Our dormitory is located next to the zoo and every day we have been witnessing endless queues in front of the entrance. So A trip to the zoo seemed to be a good idea to figure out whats the secret of this place and why so many people stand in line for hours ...

You may think entering the zoo which closes at 6pm at around 4pm may already be a good idea to shorten the waiting time ...ok 45 minutes in line was acceptable and getting a bit used to the polish habit of waiting patiently in line made it acceptable. Our polish students already mentioned: For the zoo you have to take at least a day ...pah, I want to see the zoo not the animals ...they are looking the same everywhere in the world, but the park around is always different and honestly I only wanted to see the new black building that houses the aquarium - according to Jerzy a must see.

So finally made it through the gate and run directly into the end of the next queue ...ha, let them wait for beer, wurst or toilet, the Aquarium is mine ! After I walked around a few blocks I figured out that the second even longer queue was the line for the secret black building.

WTF...its unbelievable, the visitors bravely made it after some hours into the zoo, then they placed themselves again in line to enter this new building. I wasn't the only one taking pictures of people waiting in line. I was able to see the entire zoo in just 2 hours, have seen nearly every animal except whats inside this black magic building. Note the pictures were taken at 5.40 pm so 20 minutes before the zoo closes and there was still an endless row ...tip aside, never come alone, have at least one with you, he can que up in-between the main line to get coffee, pizza or any other kind of snack or the souvenirs...thats what the people in line did, which makes the line actually shorter than it is, the half is getting something somewhere it seems ...

Next time I will try it again, or I have to marry the daughter of the director of the zoo to see inside the  black building quicker it worth it ? Whats inside this gigantic black building ...the last unicorn ?