Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer School Wroclaw - Day 11

We write day 11 of our journey and it was a busy day, lets say as usual...but not entirely as usual. You can sense the passion of each of the students seeing their project finishing, step by step we are getting there, small mistakes hurt more right now, trying to reach perfection and eager to finish as soon as possible.

Most amazing for us is the dedication the students show, they don't quit and just go on. While the cardboard pavilions panels and structural elements are put together the floor plate was finished today and the 4 girls did a great job building these massive wooden construction.

The lattice construction finally took shape after days of cutting the slots into an endless number of wooden strips, the fabric on top of the spider was placed and the envelope was rapidly closing around the staircase project.

we really have to ask the students for the projects names with a film team every day on set ...we have to give these babies a name ...

here some impressions of the day.

Short notice, a sewing machine will normally work away from you ...even if Dr. Bucky Lab tells you something different ....Sorry !