Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer School Wroclaw - Day 2

Today we having the second to last day of our design phase, we may actually call it the engineering phase. The students worked very hard to be able to get an estimation of their material need, in order to get the materials delivered on time for the building phase which will start on Wednesday.

All concepts elaborated to a state where everything is mostly solved, ok it never is till the last detail,
but thats part of the experience, where will be the challenge otherwise when we hit the workshop floor.

With around 30 degrees outside we were even sweating inside the studio. but the atmosphere is very nice and everyone is busy, dedicated and passioned, knowing that their little scale models will become reality in a few days.

I already saw it the day before but could not believe my eyes, so I had to take a walk to have a look at the cable car of the faculty...yes the University has a cable car to reach the other side of the campus that is cutted of by the river Oder. Honestly I don't think this is a more efficient way of crossing the river instead of a bridge, but according to Jerzy it was cheaper. And I have to say way more cooler !

I would like to have a cable car to the end of the campus ....or to our winter camp behing the train tracks in Delft ...

Did I mentioned the freshly renovated beach of the University ? To calm you down, its not recommended to win in the river...but still nice to have !

a last Tourist information from our Dr. Bucky Lab, however tasty the pierogi -the polish dumplings- are, you should not order a second round for desert ...just try a different kind the other day !