Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer School Wroclaw - Day 9 - No Cake today !

Its monday and after a great weekend we started to continue to work in the workshop.
Today is a national holiday and also the birthday of our Dr. Bucky Lab Marcel Bilow, so unfortunately there was no cake today, all shops were closed...but despite this sad detail the students really worked hard to continue their pavilions.

For the staircase team magic happend after they got their long awaited screws...all labeled individual...and in a sudden the two gigantic frames came together and the entire structure was standing upright. Honestly it looked much smaller on the drawing ...

Most teams also started to cut their fabrics and started to sew these parts together, Yayun found his passion in the sewing machine and was unstoppable. We all think he rushes towards the finish line to start the production of his own clothing line... Lets see, start with a skirt, thats the easiest to make ...

The foundation of the cardboard pavilion gets heavier and heavier and the production of the panels really takes shape. The entire production runs like a well oiled machine.

And at the end we had at least flowers on our newly made furniture ...and there might be a beer in the evening today ...

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