Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Testing Raaco gear

The semester is done, the dust is settled and we are about to leave for the summer school in Wroclaw. Within these calmer period its time to lick wounds and clean up the shop, repair what might be broken and replace a few missing parts.

But its also the time to test new equipment and in this case Raaco our partner of everything organization was so kind to hand over a set of their flight case series to test out.

We are always in need for sturdy and robust cases in order to protect our more delicate equipment while on the move and the boxes were perfectly suited to carry our photography set. Our 4 studio flashes fits in the biggest box perfectly and with the small foam blocks that are pre perforated you are able to give every piece of equipment a perfect well protected place.

Next to the fact that the foam really offers a nice fit and protect the box itself are very handy and we have all the confident to carry around without damaging the stuff inside. Best of all the boxes are not only robust as hell, but also watertight so ideal for the sometimes wet dutch weather.

Up to now the boxes already served for the first photoshooting and worked great, with the easy acces of the equipment setting up and getting clear of the equipment works great. Having a dedicated place in the box makes it also easy for the students to help without explanations before hand. Its obvious where everything has to go.

Thanks to Raaco, this is a perfect fit for our demands.