Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lightvan in front of IO

Yesterday we put the Lightvan to the test. In cooperation with Silvia Pont the light expert from the faculty of Industrial Design we set up the Lightvan in front of their faculty. Truus Hoordijk used the opportunity to collect some base references about individual light perception and Silvia used the mobile light laboratory to teach her students to examine how light flows.

The test was a success and we are happy to have the opportunity to test the equipment and set up, a few things still need some refinement but we are nearly there.

Here some impressions of the day

Monday, September 12, 2016

Merford Expert Workshop

While our current students are busy to work on the future of festivals we have an announcement for all the other students who have joined the bucky lab already or always wanted but weren't able.

We offer a unique 3 days workshop session in cooperation with Merford acoustic materials. For 3 days we will make some sort of a mini bucky lab workshop and will develop new ideas for acoustical

Within the production facilities of Merford we will set our mobile workshop but are also able to use Merfords production facilities and materials to work in 1:1 scale and get our hands dirty.

Everyone is welcome who will spend the 3 days with us, we will work long days but we also provide
accomodations, food and most important fun.

Send a short email why you should be the one that has to join this workshop to our Dr. Bucky Lab
m.bilow@tudelft.nl. We are able to accept 15 persons.

A detailed program and more infos will follow, don't hesitate to ask and please only apply if you really wanna join, would be a pity if you block a place for someone who really wants to join.

Monday, September 5, 2016


Here we go, with a group of nearly 40 students for our Building Technology master we started our first semester. The Bucky Lab will form the pivoting point within this semester and its ajoining courses.

This semester we will collaborate with Mojo and develop innovative festival structures.

So lets get your fingers dirty