Monday, October 3, 2016

OpenDagHout or the day of the half cookie

Early in the morning we headed east towards Zutphen. On invitation of Jaap from our mobile workshop joined the Opendaghout the yearly event for all people loving wood, tools and skills.

We already joined last year and knew that building boxes that took more than an hour with the guests would take too long to create an interesting vibe on our stand to talk about the course, the way we teach in our faculty, design and build our prototypes and of course also about our tools and the mobile workshop. So we decided to make little nameplates out of scrap pieces of wood we got from Pieter Stoutjesdijks fabrikoos company with a 3D printed name inlay would be something that would suit better.

Said so, we shortly placed our mobile workshop made a few templates and started to made some samples. and in a sudden our booth was run over. Frans from Festool joined our team also and we were able to talk about some novelties, show how things work and what we do.

Showing prototypes is one thing but actually building something on the place is something else. Our students enjoyed showing their skills with the routers and help kids as also older guests to get their hands on.

The entire show was so well visited that there was little time for a break. I brought a sustainer filled with candies, sweets and cookies to run through the day, and whenever I picked a big cookie I was able to take a bite and then the next person was already seeking for contact. I put the half cookie in my pocket and went on. At the end of the show I had a pocket full of half cookies ...good provisions for the way home ...

I would like to congratulate Jaap and Anja for a great show and their entire team for a perfect organization, and thank Paul, Mustafa and Aaron for a great help and the passion they spread working with our guests endlessly during the entire day.

Here some impressions.