Thursday, December 15, 2016

Building Weeks Day 4 - Food and Tools

a day which can't be better ...

First Paul brought food for the entire group and the lunch was a very yummy alternative to the other days, and after lunch Vincent Rosbergen from Hultafors arrived with a big box of new hand tool.

The Hultafors group is our new partner for everything according to quality hand tools and measuring equipment. While our workshop is well equipped with power tools we always had a lack of the little things you need to work, now we are fully equipped with hammers, chisels, crowbars and everything to measure ranging from steel rulers, right angles and measuring tapes. With proud and joy we will carry the logo of Hultafors on our boxes. Thank you very much for quality made in sweden !

Next to this very welcomed set of tools we also made a deal with Snickers, which is also owned from the hultafors group to get a decent price for our students workwear.

What happend otherwise in the workshop ? Really weird things ...students hugging plywood, students jumping on grass...weird ? not really, just another day at work.

Have a look