Thursday, December 22, 2016

Building Weeks Day 9 - Bucky Lab Borrel

The second to last day in the workshop is always the most busiest ...while some are still fighting to finish their project ( all did, except a few last assembling tasks ) others already build furnitures and other little things for their homes or even beloved ones for christmas...of course its the last time the students are able to put their hands on the tools ...

Thanks to Veerle and Guido we now have our coffee cart also fully equipped with a nice set of drawers, we got a nice lecture about surfboards ...and the price for the best coffee mugs is also set ...isnt it ?

As carved in stone, its also the day to celebrate an exciting period, long days and even better projects - our bucky lab borrel - the casual party with friends and sponsors. So the usual for our event: chilled beer and hot dogs ...

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