Monday, February 6, 2017

Bucky Lab Finals - Mojo Future Festivals

a bit late and already on the first day of the holidays we had our finals. With 13 groups presenting the tension was noticeable in our orange hall and after we set up our exhibition we welcomed our partners from Mojo.

Having Eric van Eerdenburg the art director and Niels Peeters the technical expert as our cooperation partners in the audience we knew that their feedback would be to the point if the concepts presented to improve on future festivals will have an impact or not. With critical questions and a good feedback we moved though the program and everyone was impressed about the presentations.

What have we seen? Hard to name them all, but a huge varietey from add ons to the common scaffolding systems, new foldable towers, the easy shed and a new concept how to secure the enjoyment of a festival during a heavy rain.

It was quite a surprise that Eric already ordered 20 of the fancy furniture system and thinks about testing the Mudefy polymers to test during the next Lowlands festival ....lets see how far we are able to go to bring these concepts to life, but one is for sure: It was a firework of ideas !

Looking at the prototypes its visible that the topic was challenging and seeing the passion and love the students put into their designs and concepts it seems to be a concept everyone was able to dive into directly.

This was one of the busiest but also most fun semesters and the smiling faces at the end of the day proved that.

 We closed the event with the mobile bar of the Bouwpub and opened the exhibition.
Don't miss the exhibition in the orange hall which will be out for the next two weeks.

And yes: Eric invited all our students to Lowlands in August ! See you all there and who knows, maybe we are able to see the first concepts already there ?