Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Building Weeks Day 6

With perfect weather again we are heading towards the end of the building weeks. Tomorrow as usual we will end with our traditional Bucky Lab borrel ...As it seems all projects will be mostly complete and may only need a few assembling actions, so the use of the big tools should be done.

Its quite interesting to see the different scale of the prototypes, which are big as an entire space in which you may sit or small as a lamp that also serves fresh air to be placed on your desk...

We won't spoil everything but a few projects are already visible.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Building Weeks Day 5

a calm day least it felt that way...due to the fact that the most groups have already cut their pieces they now retreat themselves from the workshop and moved into the hall to assemble their prototypes.
Casper joined today and was impressed about the progress the teams made, Maarten invented a nice
circle sanding device and Marcel tok a spin in the helicopter ...

Monday, May 29, 2017

Building Weeks Day 4

After a very long weekend we are finally back in the shop and everyone is very busy. The prototypes
grow and continue to take shape. While the first days the saws and routers are usually running day long now its the power drills and sanding machines having no break ... a clear sign we are entering the assembling and finishing phase.

While the sun hits us hard and everyone is outside working our tent transforms into a kind of wellness spa with temperatures up to 45degree it becomes the place to sweat and clean your pores ...maybe we should place some lavender in there ...?

Have a look what happend today.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Building Weeks Day 3

feels weird but its day 3 and already the last day before the weekend ...with a national holiday and a bridge day on friday we are locked out of the shop ...

but honestly we make such a great progress that the extra days off will not hurt us ! On every corner of our workshop we see the projects coming together.

Have a look

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Building weeks Day 2

weather : still perfect, with a slight smell of wood glue and burned router bits ...

but step by step ...beginning the day with a good cup of coffee is what everyone seems to need ...then silence...does he say something, can we already start ...? What are you waiting for, get your hands dirty ! And then everyone started to get their projects going, and in a couple of minutes all machines were out of their boxes and running ...just stopped by a very welcome break: International Plywood arrived. Same truck ? No ! a better one ...and with a blink of an eye the  red beauty was unloaded...who needs a forklift if you have a highly motivated group of students hungry for plywood.

A lot of things happened already today, first jigs were made for eclipses ...ohh...many circles already cut, lots of wooden strips glued ...The SPOT team transformed into a glue crew ...we hit a screw ...shit happens, learned that two people with a jigsaw are enough to let everyone else flee the tent and that sun is even better underneath the shade of our bucky tent ...We got festools new Kapex KS 60 to test and up to now we can only say wow, what a great little machine ...

Gerard from Ahrend paid a short visit and was totally impressed from the students enthusiasm...wait a couple of days, then our concepts for the personal comfort zone will become more visible.

Here some pictures of the day