Monday, May 22, 2017

Ahrend Building Week Day 1

Here we go, perfect weather and the machines are running in our tent. As usual the team from festool NL joined us today to teach us how to use the tools safely and precisely. With 3 different stations set up we were able to introduce our mobile workshop quite well and give everyone a proper overview.

This year new in the team is actually an old veteran of our university: Maarten Meijs former building construction docent joined the team to help our students to build their prototypes.

Next to the prototypes we are building with our bucky lab students in cooperation with Ahrend for new concepts for a personal comfort zone we also invited the group of SPOT building a pavilion
for the Oerol. These group will build a pavilion for people to watch birds in the dunes.

Time flies and it did not take too long till we already fished the day and had to say goodbye to Frans and Hans from festool ...Thanks for the great intro, we will see you back next week !

Here some pictures of the day, stay tunes to follows us and get a glimpse what we are about to build the next 2 weeks.