Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Building weeks Day 2

weather : still perfect, with a slight smell of wood glue and burned router bits ...

but step by step ...beginning the day with a good cup of coffee is what everyone seems to need ...then silence...does he say something, can we already start ...? What are you waiting for, get your hands dirty ! And then everyone started to get their projects going, and in a couple of minutes all machines were out of their boxes and running ...just stopped by a very welcome break: International Plywood arrived. Same truck ? No ! a better one ...and with a blink of an eye the  red beauty was unloaded...who needs a forklift if you have a highly motivated group of students hungry for plywood.

A lot of things happened already today, first jigs were made ...one for eclipses ...ohh...many circles already cut, lots of wooden strips glued ...The SPOT team transformed into a glue crew ...we hit a screw ...shit happens, learned that two people with a jigsaw are enough to let everyone else flee the tent and that sun is even better underneath the shade of our bucky tent ...We got festools new Kapex KS 60 to test and up to now we can only say wow, what a great little machine ...

Gerard from Ahrend paid a short visit and was totally impressed from the students enthusiasm...wait a couple of days, then our concepts for the personal comfort zone will become more visible.

Here some pictures of the day