Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 8 - new tools - happy faces

Nothing is better than starting the day with new tools with a set of jigsaws and bigger power drills the work went way faster and some students were surprised how tools without a cord could be so powerful. 18V from festool lets you never miss a cord ...

the progress was visible all over the hall, and honestly when we started we felt a bit lost in the huge space but now with the projects quickly developing more and more space is filled with stacks of cardboard, plywood sheets or nearly finished components.

Our space was a former tram service point and from today on will also serve as the main bus hub for the 10th world games - its like the olympics but for the cooler sports, like beachvolleeyball, speedway, sumo or kayaking - so while we are busy in the hall its also very busy out of our hall.

Here the impressions of today - have to keep it short - pizza and beer at the beach tonight ...again, and with 36degrees highly appreciated ...its work and chill !