Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 9 - Wroclaw Summerschool - Dont think, just do

We are getting there 9 of our summerschool, honestly we are all a bit tired and the buring sun with temperatures  around 35 degrees also take its toll, we have to figure out hot make ice coffee ...

but with the projects developing everyone recognizes its worth it and we are short before finish. Today we had some visitors and next to the youngest guests who directly started to help cleaning up the mess we also had the Vice Dean of the faculty of architecture in our hall. Joined by Magda from Vectorworks both were impressed what the students had accomplished so far.

How do you know if they like what they see ? If they reach into their pockets and grap their smartphone to take pictures you know for sure they wanna keep some memories and share this with others ...great feeling.

And did we already mentioned that Vectorworks makes young architects smile ? If the last picture isn't a proof !