Thursday, August 31, 2017

Beijing Summerschool Day 12 - in the Hutong

ok its already 7 days ago, I was able to get myself used to the dutch weather and timezone, was able to organize everything that needed to be organized got some rest also and now have been able to develop the last remaining pictures out of thousands I have taken during this busy but wonderful trip.

On the last day we finished all the projects and put everything in a small van, capable to reach the narrow streets of the Hutong. In a sudden the clear blue sky unveiled itself and this seems to be a rarity in Beijing - so even the chinese weather did everything to end this summerschool the best way possible.

We unloaded the elements close to the office building we met before and organized some karts to bring the elements into the narrow streets, there we headed for the previous selected places and tested the urban furnitures. The people from the neighborhood immediately joined us and start talking to our students. In general we have to conclude these ideas worked already very well, and it was a pity that we had to take them away after a few hours - they will be stored and placed again during the Beijing Design weeks which will take place in this area also.

What can I say...still in contact with my students and friends I have made in Beijing via WeChat I am looking back to a very intense and wonderful time, it was hot, yes and honestly too hot for me, but it was worth it. I enjoyed a great hospitality, great food and these weeks will be never forgotten.

Thanks to the team for organizing it, and to the students for all the pleasure I had working with you. We learned a lot and we had a lot of fun - thats the best combination you can ask for !

Next week starting with the new semester we will tackle dutch row houses ...what a contrast

here some last pictures :

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beijing Summerschool Concepts

I was able to get some draft versions of the concepts we are building, so here a first glimpse for all of you out there asking what we are building

1. a sort of street tetris that can be used to sit, store and gather
2. stackable boxes to use for a shop, but also to sit on
3. benches that form also shelves for the little shops selling their goods on the street.

Day 11 - the last finishing touches

Today was the last full day in the workshop and the students put their hands on the last finishing touches of their projects. And while the paint and oil varnish had to dry the students worked on their presentations or put their hands on some real wood and made small souvenirs. No wonder working in a shop that screams out loud the love for wood and fine woodworking and beeing inspired just by wondering around and discovering the many lovely projects and wooden pieces in the entire shop.

Happy faces all over and even Mr. Miao is having fun, actually I am really inspired by him and hope to have the opportunity to join a project with him ...or at least I have to take a class building a rubber band rifle in his shop ...

Tomorrow we will end the building days and will present our urban furnitures in the Hutong we visited the first days. Here some impressions of the day:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day 10 - red paint and sunken heads

we are already seeing the elements coming together and while the students are still busy in the shop marking boards, cutting connections and assembling their elements others are already painting their furnitures ...we are curious if we are able to finish all elements till the end of the workshop.

Here some impressions of the workshop