Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 4 - Karaoke

ok, we did not started with Karaoke but with designing our multi function street furniture concepts. Splitted up in 3 different groups everyone was busy, sometimes in the wrong direction - the idea always should become more simple, more clear and sharper but having so many people involved in the design process it seems to be normal that everything becomes a bit chaotic in the beginning.

Its also the first time they design something for poor people in need - therefore a fancy design has no value if its not connected to a practical design that will work properly and withstand the abuse within the hutong.

But we still have 2 days to design and engineer theses street objects and the concepts itself are already great, so the design will also follow that paths....the session was ended by Lin Hai he studied in Delft too and runs now an office in Beijing.

While the day was quite usual there was a special evening : Dr. Bucky Labs Birthday - seems to be and ongoing thing that he celebrates this in the company of students somewhere in the world.

Mara and the others from the organizing team rented a karaoke bar and we had a beer, pizza and a wonderful birthday cake the way the students can sing much better than our crazy professor ...