Monday, November 27, 2017

Super Structure Mojo Lowlands

Did you remember our assignment from last year we did with Mojo ? We asked to imagine a new type of shelter or tent to create a better environment during festivals.

One of the elevator pitches in fact the one from Alvaro Rodriguez Garcia was dead on, and Mojo had to mention after our presentation session that this idea is so good, that they actually ordered it already a couple of month ago for their new Alpha tent during lowlands. So really a cray coincidence that this idea was already on their table and Alvaro did not know anything about it in general .. when the request is set up well, there must be similar ideas isnt it ?

No matter what, while Alvaro joined another team Mojo continued with the development and our Dr. Bucky Lab had the pleasure to meet Niels the technical director of Lowlands to see the erection of the enormous structure a couple of days before Lowlands opened.

Back then it was still top secret and not allowed to share the pictures, now we are able to show you some images of these huge structure during the set up phase and of course once more the elevator pitch from Alvaro.