Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day4 - We are getting there

Day 4 - the snow is gone and it rains all day long ...inside the usual activities - everyone is busy and we see a lot of progress of the different projects - quite amazing how fast things happen.

The students getting used to the tools more and more and we are all surprised about the results we are seeing - even Marcel Schotanus from Sunstock / CRH who paid us a visit was amazed about the projects and skills the students already learned.

Tomorrow we will show a couple of details ...

for now we can only rephrase one of our few rules in the workshop : If you have to loosen more than 3 screws to change a setting of a machine something is wrong - ask for help, instead of disassemble the entire machine ...haha

Andreas made a nice test with Aceton to print on wood - still searching for a good way to style your house ? Ask him !

and bring your own Mug !