Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 7 - sunny and cold with a bit of Bratwurst

We are writing day 7 in our logfile, today is the last day we actually build and also this year even with 2 more days off due to national holidays last week all students finished their productions. Most actually already finished their prototypes a few still have to reassemble all their parts but nothing we are doubt of.

So the second to last day also means our traditional BBQ and while this is usually the moment our partners and sponsors also join and take a sneak peek this year everyone was hindered and wasn't able to join - looking at the bright side - more beer and bratwurst for the rest of the gang.

So the only picture of today is a happy group awaiting fresh Bratwurst from our Dr. Bucky Lab who turned into a chef. We still have a few sausages in the fridge so tomorrow we will set the barbie on fire once again after we have wiped out the mess we have made the last days...

It was a great time and the weather - as ordered - was great, honestly we havent seen a single drop of rain and the building weeks went smoothly.

maybe we are able to get some nice pictures from Niels phone who tok some great ones today

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 6 - everyone turnes crazy

With the portraits yesterday we still owe you a couple of pictures from yesterday. We tested a simple woodturning lathe and the machine seems to be quite handy and even more challenging and fun to work with - so a lot square parts "turned" into wooden handles, knobs or other round things - even when not needed it was fun working with this little machine - now we need a sharpening tool for the turning chisels ... its always like that - a reason our Dr. Bucky Lab never started scuba diving which would naturally lead to a yacht on a trailer and the need to get a bigger car ...

Our Mini Dr. Bucky Lab also joined the shop shortly and had a look whats going on ... he as everyone else who paid the workshop a visit the last days was impressed about the work the students did so far - all of this in a couple of days.

Maarten build a little computer stand, Marcel a couple of trays and every now and then a graduate student shows up to use the one or other tool to get something fixed ... honestly life is good out there in the tent and out in the sun - its a bit like holidays with tools - but honestly I am so tired every night when I come home...I think its too much fresh air !

Ah and strong neodymium magnets makes perfect earrings ...without the painful holes !

Here some pictures of yesterday and today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 5 - people

today we took a couple of pictures from our students its all about people today

Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 4 - here we go again

After a really long weekend everyone seems to be sharp and focused to continue their work on the prototypes. The weather is still our best friend and therefore we worked most of the time outside the tent.

All the different projects becoming more and more visible and we can't wait to see them all together.
Here some impressions of our day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Day 3 - quite a calm day

Today was quite a calm day, a couple of students had to do other things and therefore the group was even smaller than usual. Everyone was busy out in front of the tent and the tent itself looked quite abandoned.

We are now having 4 days of holidays in front of us in order to continue refreshed on Monday

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Day 2 - we got a new assistant

Day 2 - after the intro of yesterday the first day we started to build the prototypes and quickly everyone was at work. While the sun was out there - so did we ...and the tent became hot quickly.

Because its still holiday at school we got company from Jakob Dr. Bucky Labs little buddy. Jakob decided to build a little box and a special gift for mothers day so we can't spoil here what he build for her, she may read this lines ..

As usual the big red truck from international plywood arrived and brought our building material, with the entire group the truck was quickly unloaded.

So everyone to the tools and the progress was visible already aster just a day.
Here some impressions of the day and a special thanks to Jakob who also sorted our drawers at the end of the day.