Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 6 - everyone turnes crazy

With the portraits yesterday we still owe you a couple of pictures from yesterday. We tested a simple woodturning lathe and the machine seems to be quite handy and even more challenging and fun to work with - so a lot square parts "turned" into wooden handles, knobs or other round things - even when not needed it was fun working with this little machine - now we need a sharpening tool for the turning chisels ... its always like that - a reason our Dr. Bucky Lab never started scuba diving which would naturally lead to a yacht on a trailer and the need to get a bigger car ...

Our Mini Dr. Bucky Lab also joined the shop shortly and had a look whats going on ... he as everyone else who paid the workshop a visit the last days was impressed about the work the students did so far - all of this in a couple of days.

Maarten build a little computer stand, Marcel a couple of trays and every now and then a graduate student shows up to use the one or other tool to get something fixed ... honestly life is good out there in the tent and out in the sun - its a bit like holidays with tools - but honestly I am so tired every night when I come home...I think its too much fresh air !

Ah and strong neodymium magnets makes perfect earrings ...without the painful holes !

Here some pictures of yesterday and today.