Thursday, August 2, 2018

Bucky Lab Summerschool Beijing 2018 - Day 8

Our last day and quite an exciting one ...

We met early in the workshop in order to spread around the Hutong and have every of the 4 teams installed their concepts on their self chosen locations,  and after a while ( felt like an eternity in the heat of the city ) we all joined the first group to listen to their presentation of their magic wall - a flexible wall system that allows the user to configure due to their needs.

The second project was the Shared Locker - a set of box units that will serve as individual storage rooms on the streets that can be assembled in different variations. The locking mechanism can only be reached when the boxes are open therefore one can't just run away with one box...

The third was a huge sitting element that can be turned and used in different positions. The concept as so the presentation worked very well till we were stopped by the local city guards and the owner of the newly build deck the students picked. While the students got permission in the morning to use the place by employees of the cafe the later arriving owner did not liked this idea matter what - lost in translations we cleared the space while Mara was dealing with the upset members of the little discussion and we went home to the workshop.

The last presentation was held in the workshop - 5 lanterns that will guide you safely through the dark nights of the Hutong.

We ended in a nice restaurant having Peking duck ! What an intense 8 days workshop this was ...cant believe its already over. Hope all had as much fun as I had.

We will place a few more pictures later but for now have a look

Buckylab Summerschool Beijing 2018 - Day 7

Our second to last day and every team is busy with the finishing touches, edges are rounded, surfaces sanded and the last strips of wood stacked on top of each other.

All the projects really seems to be finished by tonight and we are looking forward to test and present the projects out in the Hutong area around our workshop.