Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bucky Lab semester start - AMC

Here we go again, with a widely mixed group of 63 BT students we started our new semester.
While we had a first session and an official welcome to our department already on monday we had the first time together today.

As usual we started the first day in the studio with our campfire - our little circle around the imaginary fire to get to know each other. This was also a perfect moment to introduce Sietze Kalkwijk our new docent for the design part of the track, as an experienced industrial designer we are happy to win him as partner in crime to enrichen the courses context of product development. We are always curious about the students background, their motivation about the track and their hobbies. We have a huge variety of people in the course this semester with a majority of international students from all over the world. Quite a lot already have experience in practice and have seen quite a bit of the world. Next to the usual interests in sports or food we also have a yoga teacher, a self taught VW beetle restaurateur, an origami expert and a graphic novelist in our team we are well prepared for the challenge we asked the students to tackle ...

which is the renovation of the biggest building in the Netherlands the Academic Medical Cente run Amsterdam the AMC. This hospital and university was opened in 1980 and is now up to some improvements in all kinds of topics. We will search for innovative solutions for the facade in order to improve on comfort, energy consumption and we may even find solutions to make the building future proof, more sustainable and circular.

The call from the AMC to the TU Delft to help thinking about the building will be shared in many different courses and graduation projects and we joined the intro event in our Aula the biggest lecture hall of our university. Quite a thing if you get a lecture from the head of facility management of the AMC and get the insights of this huge building in such a big lecture hall.

The range of lectures was a nice mix that should start our students brains to think out of the box towards solutions for the building.

Here some fist impressions of the day.