Monday, December 10, 2018

RDM Rotterdam - Bucky Lab - Day 1

At the end of the year while everyone is already into Christmas mode we still have the building weeks ahead within our Bucky Lab semster. This time we will build innovative solutions for the AMC in Amsterdam.

This year for the very first time we are in Rotterdam in the RDM Innovationdock. What a space ! With plenty of room in an inspiring environment we are able to work comfortably.

Today we started the day as usual with the intro. Frans from festool joined our team and the students got their hands on the tools for the first time and got a first glimpse what to come the next days.

While Frans explained the routers, Maarten showed the saws and our Dr. Bucky Lab aka Marcel showed how to make coffee and gave a short tour through the rest of the workshop.

While everyone was busy even our photographer wasnt able to get a lot of pictures ...but enough to give you a first idea, have a look!

As usual we will share a couple of pictures every night so stay tuned

Monday, December 3, 2018

RDM Rotterdam - our new place for this winter

Finally we can announce our new building site for this winter: The RDM Innovation Dok in Rotterdam. After a long search for a place to build we were able to get a wonderful spot in this amazing place - a special thanks also to Yufe and Thomas for helping to get this !

Today we already moved a couple of our boxes to the RDM and Premith helped to build a little ramp to enter our storage container. The hall is huge, warm and offers everything we need, even the toilets are nice and clean and the entire complex offers 3 kantines ( honestly we only found 2 today but we will have more time to explore the gigantic complex the next weeks more in detail).

lets cross fingers that they still have a spot for us next year !

This Friday we will move the rest of our stuff and Monday next week we will start with our intro.
Here a few impressions already.