Monday, December 17, 2018

Day 6 - RDM Building weeks

Week 2 - Day 6 - a calm Monday

In a sudden everything changed, while we all rested over the weekend the calm mood seemed to continued for the activities of today. While last week everybody was busy today it was way calmer, the humming sound of the sanders replaced the sometimes screaming sound of the saws, we are full in assembling mode and the most parts are already cut to size. On the tables you can see the laptops already open running Arduino scrips, some are busy painting and others put their hands on the prototypes for the finishing touches.

Today we have seen moments where the tools are unused, while the coffee machine still runs in hypermode - unbelievable we already run through 10 liters of coffee milk ...and 3kg of sugar ...

Hans made extra mild coffee for those who have heart problems but all in all it was a nice day ...except our Dr. Bucky Lab who sufferd from a cold ...5 days to go and then its Christmas !

By the way did you spot the blue bird ?