Monday, December 3, 2018

RDM Rotterdam - our new place for this winter

Finally we can announce our new building site for this winter: The RDM Innovation Dok in Rotterdam. After a long search for a place to build we were able to get a wonderful spot in this amazing place - a special thanks also to Yufe and Thomas for helping to get this !

Today we already moved a couple of our boxes to the RDM and Premith helped to build a little ramp to enter our storage container. The hall is huge, warm and offers everything we need, even the toilets are nice and clean and the entire complex offers 3 kantines ( honestly we only found 2 today but we will have more time to explore the gigantic complex the next weeks more in detail).

lets cross fingers that they still have a spot for us next year !

This Friday we will move the rest of our stuff and Monday next week we will start with our intro.
Here a few impressions already.