Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sant Cugat Workshop - Day 2

Day 2 - everyone arrived on time in the morning and we were able to set up our workplace in the main street of the business campus / on a saturday we don’t bother anyone and we have all the space wee need in order to handle full sheets of plywood.

After a short intro into the tools we started to develop the drawings and started to build the 3 carts while the rest of the team assembled the freshly cutted toolboxes. 

For lunch we took a couple of chairs outside and had a proper break. While all the furnitures developed quickly the participants also started to build their tool inlays for the boxes. 

Before the sun (18 degrees by the way) goes down we were able to finish all the tasks and had a last beer to admire our accomplishments and products. This was a great workshop, everyone was happy and they all mentioned they had learned a lot. 

This will be not the last time we had a workshop here / such a great place and a fantastic Fab Lab 
Thanks to Mat and Anna for a great organization ! 

Here some pictures to illustrate the day.

Fab Lab Sant Cugat Workshop - Day 1

After arriving late in the city the night beefore and a proper introduction to the local cuisine (Tappas are really the best way to experince the spanish / catalan cuisine) we jumped into the workshop of the Fab Lab to have a look, get prepared and test a few things in order to check everything is there to build with the participants later. 

After lunch the participants arrived and got to know each other and the tasks of the 2 days workshop. The idea is to build a bunch of CNC milled toolboxes and design specific inlays for the various tools that have to be stored into them. Next to this handy organizers which will be made to show the use of digital tools, we also want to build 3 carts to store the toolboxes and the table saw. These carts will be build with powertools and hand sketched drawings. So a good mixture of skills and techniques to learn and practice. 

The participants who came from various backgrounds like architecture students, consultants, but also a orthopedical surgeon jumped into the cold water immedeately and started to design the inlays while a first group started to assemble the first boxes. 

Everything went quite quick and we closed the day with a lecture from Marcel about the course, the projects his students build and why failure is always an option within the Bucky Lab. 

A little side note : Safety is always our biggest concern and finding a simple old school hand circular saw in the tool chest of the Fab Lab we felt a bit unsecure and called the headquater from festool spain who is located in the area close to the airport - Honestly we did not thought it would be possible, but 3 hours later a festool plunge saw ( our beloved TS55 ) arrived with guiding rails and a vacuum cleaner ...Thanks to festool spain for the quick help - we will bring the machine back in clean conditions ! 

Workshop - Fab Lab Sant Cugat

Our Dr. Bucky Lab is invited for a short woodworking workshop in Sant Cugat a small village close to the north edge of Barcelona. Anna a former student of the Bucky Lab works now in a Fab Lab and organized the event.

The idea of the workshop is to introduce the participants into woodworking and the use of different tools. So next to the use of powertools we will also use digital production tools like a laser cutter, 3D printers and even a CNC mill.

Here the poster, we will report from the workshop soon.