Monday, July 29, 2019

Final Video of our Wroclaw Summerschool 2019

So, this is definitely the last post ...

a quick summary of our time in Wroclaw

We wish you all a great summer - Dr. Bucky Lab out !

Bucky Lab robot at Wroclaw Summerschool 2019

Everyone seems to look at the automation process of building architecture now - so everyone is talking about robots - we think out of the box and made a more funny approach...

so have a look and lough out loud !

Thanks to all participants it was a pleasure !

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - the water house

Water and cardboard are not really friends, but with the right choice of materials and building techniques it will be possible to build houses out of cardboard - most important is to not soak the entire structure in a resin or other non separable treatment in order to garanty the recycling after its end of use.

The team has chosen a couple of different concepts in order to test these within one house. Most likely they picked dense cardboard products that last very long under water and used overlapping principles based on roof shingles.

We hope the fire brigade in Darmstadt will mimic a classic rain and will not blast away the house horizontally ...we are curious about the performance !

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - Popowytza Urban Garden

As part of a bigger project the team of students developed and build an urban garden that will allow the elderly people of the area of Popowytza the possibility to relax, gather and share their passion about urban gardening.

The entire modular structure has several functions like a book shelf, a sun shade several areas to sit and of course plenty of space for gardening.

After the elements haven been presented to the public in front of the production hall the elements have been placed on location - unfortunate no pictures from its final location we may get a few ones later.

The team was supported by Aybike Kübra Özdemir who studied in Izmir

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - the fire house

To fight fire with a cardboard structure is always a challenge. The team quickly figured out that solid cardboard or greyboard are already a good choice due to its dense structure. Most problems always accused on the cut edges - so in order to solve this problem the team decided to create no open edges at all and made bended edges to avoid open corners.

When joined together with glue as a straight line the risk of letting fire into the core of the sheets is minimised. So what looks like a design choice is actually a clever engineering solution to avoid open edges at the corner of the house.

We are very curious about the performance. The house will be after its completion entirely cladded with 2 layers of solid cardboard and should perform very well.

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - TV box concepts

Usually you throw away the big cardboard box your new television arrives in ...not in this case...
the team designed several ideas that will be printed as cutting and folding lines onto the box - so after unpacking you can create something fun and useful out of the box.

Here some pictures unfortunately the team wasn't complete during the photo session but we got some pictures from the team - thanks !

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - Makita Demonstation stand

The Proto Lab - of the Politechnika Wroclaw which is run by Jurek Latka and inspired of our mobile Bucky Lab is supported by Makita and in order to honor this relationship one team build a demonstration display that will allow the team of Makita to show their latest products.

Next to the functionally to display the tools the stand also has removable inserts that allows to dest the tools directly - so you can cut, drill and set screws into these surfaces and when there is nothing left to cut off or drill into the surfaces can be easily replaced.

Have a look and chapeau for the team who designed and build it.

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - The impact house

As one of the 3 houses we developed under the guidance of Martin Wilfinger from the Technische Universität Darmstadt who is part of the team of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Knaack ( more infos here ) and involved in the BAMP project which investigates the use of cardboard and paper as a building material for architecture.

The 3 houses all have to perform individually for a specific case - the first to show is the impact house that has to perform in an impact from a tree falling down on to the house.

The students picked cardboard tubes which seemed to be the best starting point to create a rigid and reliable structure to master an impact from a heavy weight falling down on its structure.

All tubes and nodes are glued together and fixated during the curing process with wood screws and small wooden blocks inside. In principle we believe that the glued connections will survive the impact and the damage that will occur will not let the entire house to collapse.

Later this year we will test these houses in Darmstadt

Here a couple of the pictures from the house and the team that build it

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - Day 10

its been a while and the dust settled its time to round up our summerschool 2019 in Wroclaw.

After a long night all team finished their projects to a presentable state - yes a few pieces may be missing but what was standing behind de huge doors we opened the other morning was 6 beautiful projects - 3 cardboard houses, one Makita presentation center, an urban garden and a couple of ideas what to do with the box your television is delivered in.

We used the morning to clean up and prep the hall for the press conference and while our Dr. Bucky Lab was still sorting drills, screws and tools the crowd already gathered around the projects.

Jerzy opened with a presentation and some welcoming words towards the audience which included sponsors, press relations, students and their families and the dean of the Faculty.

Then every group presented their own project and the smile in their faces showed everyone how proud they are about their achievements - and they should be proud.

Usually we build full scale prototypes in the size of a fridge or so - will take us a full semester and 2 full weeks - within the summerschool we increase the pace. Within 13 days we designed and build 6 incredible projects - including 3 houses you can enter ... impressive how fast the students worked and how nice the projects came out.

But enough of the words here some pictures of the day - the Party at the night was blast and will be remembered for long - the camera was already packed so no pictures of the night ...

Monday, July 22, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - Day 9 - we did it !

Day 9 we started an hour earlier and already knew we don’t come home quickly...

What seemed to be impossible became piece by piece reality. While we set up the bases for the 3 houses in front of the hall the parts moved slowly towards the final destination.

And then all in a sudden the first wall was standing upright - and then the next and the next and over the entire day we had all 6 projects taking shape.

With great teamwork all projects are standing and ready to be presented the next day ... we only have to clean up the mess in order to welcome our guests in a more comfortable environment...

This was a great day and amazing to watch the students building these projects - we will introduce all projects in detail the next days - now we have to get rid of the dust and present the projects to the press and VIP guests and end the summerschool with a party - a well deserved one !