Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bucky Lab - Trespa Elevator pitch

Week 5 and we have the elevator pitch. Thats the moment where the students present their best idea within one minute one slide presentation.

Due to the proper training a week ago from Nadia we have seen 42 crisp and clear presentations. Only 2 exceeded their time but only by a bit. The students were joined by 3 members from Trespa and our colleague Serdar Asut who will join the team later to teach Computational Design.

After a set of 4 presentations a short round of feedback and questions followed, all in all the critic was very positive and a good lead into the group forming process at the end of the day. It took not long for the students to form groups around the best concepts to be further developed.

We closed the day with our mobile bar from the bouwpub on behalf of BOUT our student association fore the Building Technology track.

I would like to thank the team of Trespa our colleagues, BOUT and especially our students for a great day.

Here are a couple of pictures from today