Friday, May 15, 2020

Week 4 - Ecor Bucky Lab

Many have asked how we are doing - so here an update.

After our elevator pitch we have been able to reduce the 20 concepts into 6 different concepts.

We have now a nice variety of applications that suit the need for the CEMEC of Ecor in Venlo.

Here the topics:

- hanging table - a smart idea that will allow to gain more space by raising the table up to the ceiling

- workshop tool storage - a multi purpose concept that will serve as a room divider while keeping the tools and loose stuff tucked away neatly

modularfuniture - a module that becomes a chair, a table, a shelf and maybe even more

free form - the most challenging idea that will become the eye-catcher of the center and shows how freeform shapes van be made with ecor

multi table - a table that folds down, safes space and is as comfortable as you need

acoustic ceiling - the solution to bring comfort for your ears into a busy office or workshop

Either its the virus that pushes the creativity or we may have to deal with the most creative students ...whats clear already is that we see an incredible variety of ideas to develop the concepts as also how to share their progress. We have already seen vlogs, a product website, online questionnaires and many drawings here just a short overview of a couple I have stolen from our internal Slack

stay tuned