Saturday, June 27, 2020

Bucky Lab Finals - Ecor

Everything different … for the first time we had a 10 weeks design studio for the track of architecture and if that wasn’t exciting enough we also had to do it entirely online …

For a course that’s known for its hands-on approach - we usually build the prototypes in the third quarter of the program – quite a challenge and we have solved that problem with limiting the tools to a basic set including box cutters, rulers, scissors and a cutting mat paired with some tape and glue. 

This semester we teamed up with Ecor – a company that creates circular building sheets from natural waste streams. The material properties are between cardboard and MDF and therefore we opted for cardboard as the main building material. 

We have already shared the passion the students had and the surprising success our online education had. Using a couple of online tools like zoom and slack we managed to keep the group motivated and connected. 

Today we had the finals – also online – and every of the 6 groups presented their final projects in front of a big audience including many guests from Ecor. 

To make it short: This final presentation was one of the best we had – in sum of the great presentations in total maybe the best ever. Why you may ask? We think a couple of things came together the fact that this was a ten-week course running from Monday till Friday nonstop without almost no other courses and the fact that the students were able to start experimenting with the same tools and materials from day one and the willingness to test what’s possible in this new online environment. Overall you may say – we are in this together, let’s do it the best way possible. 

Enough of the words, have a look and judge by yourself – we have recorded the session and cut out the 6 different presentations. 

More about the projects later.